10 Lock Sherlock's Challenge Virtual Escape Room for Team-Building or Party


⭐This puzzle and cipher Sherlock virtual escape room is made for teens or adults and is a fully immersive 360º environment. The entire escape, including 10 clues, is played from one link. Perfect for any party or event, and great as a team-building escape!

You and a few friends excitedly knock on the door of 221B Baker Street in London to meet your favorite detective Sherlock, when the door creaks open! Tentatively you step inside and start up the stairs. As you enter the study Mrs. Hudson breathlessly appears behind you and exclaims, “We’ve been expecting you! Sherlock and Watson have left you with a challenge! If you accept you will have the opportunity to meet them both in person. All the clues you need are located in the study." She concludes with, "Will you accept the challenge?" You begin to explore the study and then slowly respond to Mrs. Hudson, “Yes, we believe we will…this is a most unusual challenge, a most unusual challenge indeed.”

⭐Players will click on the "start" icon to begin. Players will enter answers into the interactive clue and find out if they are correct on the spot. Each clue will need the answer from the previous one to enter.⭐ This 360° game is a fun way to entertain friends and family at any event, or as a team-building activity for any group. It can be used in combination with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or any other screen-sharing program. ⭐ No prep is required, this game is literally one link that opens a fully immersive environment with numbers for clues. Click on the clue number to get the puzzle or clue. All clues are fully interactive and do not require anyone to have a Google account.

⭐ Fully Immersive 360° Environment
⭐ Interactive, animated puzzles
⭐ Play with one link, all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ Play as many times as you want
⭐ Play with as many players as you want for one price!
⭐ Completely virtual so can play online or in person

What's inside:
⭐CLUE #1: Examine Evidence: Players will click on various points of interest in a set of papers left on Sherlock's desk. From the information, they gather they will come to a conclusion as to a famous case Sherlock is currently working on.
⭐CLUE #2: Solve a Vigenère cipher.
⭐CLUE #3: Use a compass and photo of London flats to solve a directional puzzle.
⭐CLUE #4: Deductive reasoning quiz.
⭐CLUE #5: Footprint Evidence; Match the suspect's footprint to the correct culprit.
⭐CLUE #6: Solve a spatial cube puzzle and then decipher the symbol.
⭐CLUE #7: Find coordinates on a map for various locations in London.
⭐CLUE #8: Colored Post-It notes and Books will be the clues to this lock.
⭐CLUE #9: Fingerprint Puzzle and Riddle will lead you to your final clue.
⭐CLUE #10: Click on the answer to the riddle to win the escape and meet Watson and Sherlock.

Hints will not appear until 2 minutes into each puzzle.

⭐PDF with the game link, instructions, and walk-through answer key
⭐Coupon code for future purchases!

⭐ Play on ANY device, computer, tablet OR smart phone!
⭐ Game lasts approximately 50 minutes, depending on the age and number of people playing.
⭐ Best suited for ages 14- 100
⭐ No printing required!

Just a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smart phone is needed to play. If players are in separate locations you will need some form of screen-sharing platform, like Zoom.

You will download your purchase immediately in the form of a PDF document. The directions for the game and link to escape are included, as well as an answer key. This game is for personal use only. For more details, check Etsy’s guide for Downloading a Digital Item: http://www.etsy.com/help/article/3949

⭐ A traditional virtual escape room!
⭐ Perfect for Family Game Night or any party!

As all digital escapes from A Space to Create Art are, this one is a magical resource that intensely engages Players. Watching them work on these escape adventures so excitedly is wonderful... Thank you SO much for creating them and making them available!
- Sophie M.

©2022 A Space to Create. All rights reserved. Concept, Game Play, and Environment background created by Sabrina Wingren. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, sell or profit in any way from the use of this escape room without permission.