Murder Mystery Online Escape Room, Murder at Madgrove Manor Team-building Escape, Great for party or game night


⭐Welcome to Murder at Madgrove Manor, a murder mystery escape room. This virtual escape room is a traditional puzzle escape made to build problem-solving and reasoning skills. It includes paper notes sheet and posters to hang around the room, and a "We solved it" poster. The entire escape, including 9 puzzles plus a final puzzle at the end to determine whodunnit! The entire escape is played from one link. No Google form is used! It's all virtual and all ready to play! ⭐Players will click on the "start" icon to begin. Players will enter answers into the interactive clue and find out if they are correct on the spot.⭐

The Story:

⭐ Augustus Madgrove and his beautiful wife Edna were murdered last night at the home built by Augustus' great-great-grandfather. There was a grand party with many of the most influential members of Mystic Harbor in attendance. The idea of one of those people being a murderer has the entire town trembling with fear. Townspeople can be heard asking each other, "Who did it? When will it be solved?" Detectives revealed that there have been cryptic clues left by the psychopathic killer in 9 different locations in the mansion. If they cannot solve each of the clues and discover the murderer in time another member of the household will be murdered! They are holding out hope that the mystery will be solved before the sun goes down today which is only a matter of minutes, not hours to do so! ⭐


⭐ Redemption Code lasts a full month!
⭐ 9 Interactive, animated puzzles plus final lock
⭐ Play with one link, all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ Build a teamwork mentality in the classroom.
⭐ Build logic and reasoning skills.
⭐ Hints and answers are embedded and answer key is included


⭐PDF with instructions, answer key, and hints.
⭐PDF with posters for each room (clue).
⭐PDF of notes page for printing if desired.


⭐ Because of the interactivity of this escape it is best played on a computer or tablet with a max of 2 people per device
⭐ Game lasts approximately 75 minutes, depending on the age and number of people playing.
⭐ Best suited for ages 15+
⭐ No printing required! 

Just a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet is needed to play. If players are in separate locations you will need some form of screen-sharing platform, like Zoom.
⭐ You can print the notes sheet and have students fill it out on paper, or in the escape room.



As all digital escapes from A Space to Create Art are, this one is a magical resource that intensely engages Players. Watching them work on these escape adventures so excitedly is wonderful... Thank you SO much for creating them and making them available!

- Sophie M.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TERMS OF USE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 You may use this escape room for personal use and print and make copies of any downloadable resources as necessary for your party. Created by Sabrina Wingren, A Space to Create Art, LLC. This resource is for use in the classroom and/or personal use and may not be used in resources for commercial purposes. No digital redistribution is permitted. You may not share or upload any part of, this resource or its elements for use on a commercial platform or print-on-demand website. Not intended for resale. Not intended for use with online teaching platforms such as outschool, or for sharing online without permission.

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