Stan the Snowman: Lost in the Snowstorm: Entertainment Virtual Escape for Kids


⭐Stan the Snowman is caught in a snowstorm and has lost his way home. He needs your help finding clues with a magnifying glass and solving puzzles to help him on his way.⭐
What's inside:
⭐CLUE #1: Scrambled word snowflake puzzle-Click and drag the candy canes to find the letters to spell the code word.
⭐Click and drag the magnifying glass all around on several pages to find hidden animal footprints to continue through the game.
⭐CLUE #2: Sudoku game-Click and drag the pieces to complete the puzzle then check.
⭐CLUE#3: Cookie memory game. Make the matches for the answer to the riddle.
⭐CLUE #4: Crossword puzzle using holiday pictures-Click and drag the letters to complete the puzzle, then use the colored boxes for the code word.
⭐CLUE #5: Find the correct shadow for Stan's snowman friend, Sal.
⭐CLUE #6: Follow maze lines to find out which elf is which-Click & drag names, then check.
⭐CLUE #7: Click and drag the puzzle pieces to learn the code words.
⭐CLUE #8: Snowman grouping-Click on the snowflakes that are the same until all the matches are found for a code phrase.
⭐CLUE #9: Follow the maze to find Stan's last friend and find his way home

⭐ Play on ANY device, computer, tablet, OR smartphone!
⭐ Game lasts approximately 50 minutes, depending on the age and number of people playing.
⭐ Best suited for ages 8-10
⭐ No printing required!

SET UP: A laptop, Chromebook, or desktop computer is best for play. If players are in separate locations, you will need some form of screen-sharing platform, like Zoom.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: You will download your purchase immediately in the form of a PDF document. The directions for the game and link to escape are included, as well as an answer key. This game is for personal use only.
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©It's a Lock Escapes. All rights reserved. Concept, Game Play, and Environment background created by Hilary Lewis. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, sell, or profit from the use of this escape room without permission. This includes sites such as Outschool, where you teach a lesson for profit.