A Wizard Challenge Virtual Escape Room, Family Game Night, Team-building Escape, Birthday Party Escape


⭐A Wizardly Challenge is a team-building virtual escape room. This virtual escape room is a traditional puzzle escape made to build problem-solving and reasoning skills. It includes a paper notes sheet and posters to hang around the room, and a "We solved it" poster. The entire escape, including 9 puzzles plus a final puzzle at the end to earn the right to be called a master witch or wizard! The entire escape is played from one link. No Google form is used! It's all virtual and all ready to play! ⭐Players will click on the "start" icon to begin. Players will enter answers into the interactive clue and find out if they are correct on the spot.⭐


⭐ Welcome to the School of the Magical Arts, where your journey into the world of magic begins. As a new student, you will face many challenges and puzzles that will test your wit and magical abilities. Unlocking the secrets hidden within the school won't be easy, but with determination and skill, you can overcome any obstacle. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on this adventure. May your time at the School of the Magical Arts be filled with wonder and excitement! Sincerely, Professor Percival 


⭐ 9 Interactive, animated puzzles plus final lock
⭐ Play with one link; all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ Build a teamwork mentality.
⭐ Build logic and reasoning skills.
⭐ Hints and answers are embedded
⭐ Redemption code lasts for a full month!

SET UP: Just a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet is needed to play. If players are in separate locations, you will need some form of screen-sharing platform, like Zoom.

⭐ A traditional virtual escape room!
⭐ Perfect for Corporate Team-building, Family Game Night or any party!!



As all digital escapes from "this company", this one is a magical resource that intensely engages players. Watching them work on these escape adventures so excitedly is wonderful... Thank you SO much for creating them and making them available!

- Sophie M.