Escape from Shadow Lake Summer Camp Virtual Escape, Team-Building Escape Room


⭐Welcome to Shadow Lake Summer Camp virtual escape room for corporate team-building, family game nights, parties and puzzle fun. This virtual escape room includes an entry code, eight puzzles, and a final puzzle. The entire escape is played from one link. URL-based it's all virtual and all ready to play! ⭐ Players will enter answers into the interactive clue and determine if they are correct.⭐

Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

(All of our escape rooms include hints that appear regularly and make it easier for students who need more help.)
Length: 90 minutes

The Story:

⭐ Escape from Shadow Lake Campground before the darkness consumes you. But beware, for the shadows hold ancient secrets and sinister entities lurk in the darkness, waiting to claim their next victim. Will you and your friends uncover the truth behind Shadow Lake Camp, or will you become lost in the shadows forever? The choice is yours. ⭐


⭐ Entry code, 8 puzzles, and final code
⭐ Enter the summer camp and solve by solving the entry code, then solve 8 more clues to access the final code and win the escape!
⭐ Play with one link, all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ Build a teamwork mentality in the classroom.
⭐ Build logic and reasoning skills.
⭐ 3 Hints and answers are embedded, and the answer key is included.

Created by Sabrina Wingren & Hilary Lewis for It's a Lock Escapes. 

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