Randolph the Reindeer Christmas/Winter Virtual Escape Room


⭐Randolph the Reindeer is Rudolph's grandson, and he wants to have a red nose just like grandpa! Rudolph tells him that he needs to play all the Reindeer games to earn his glowing red nose. Randolph needs your help so he can earn his red nose! Do you have what it takes?

⭐Randolph the Reindeer Virtual Escape Room is a puzzle escape room made for kids ages 8-10. This virtual escape room is FULLY INTERACTIVE with PUZZLES THAT MOVE ON SCREEN! The entire escape, including nine clues, is played from one link. No Google form is used! It's all virtual and all ready to play!

⭐ Players will enter answers into the interactive clue pages and find out if they are correct on the spot. This interactive game is a fun way to entertain friends and family at any event, or as a team-building activity for any group. It can be used in combination with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or any other screen-sharing program.

What's inside: (hints will appear only after two minutes for each clue)

⭐CLUE #1: solve a maze to see which friend gets each gift

⭐CLUE #2: Sudoku game-Click and drag the pieces to complete the puzzle

⭐CLUE#3: Jigsaw puzzle

⭐CLUE #4: Directional puzzle

⭐CLUE #5: Sprial puzzle

⭐CLUE #6: Snowflake puzzle

⭐CLUE #7: Crossword puzzle

⭐CLUE #8: Finish the song puzzle

⭐CLUE #9: Snowflake match

⭐The number code to complete the escape and help Randolph get his shiny nose!


⭐ Interactive, animated puzzles

⭐ Play with one link; all gameplay is inside the escape room!

⭐ Play as many times as you want

⭐ Play with as many players as you want for one price!

⭐ Completely virtual, so can play online or in person

⭐ Hints and answers are embedded; no host is required to play!


⭐PDF with the game link, instructions, hints, and walk-through answer key

⭐As many players as you want for one price!*

For personal use only.