The Haunting Halloween Virtual Escape Room for Parties, Family Game Night or Team-Building Events


 This Virtual Halloween Escape room is perfect for family game night, halloween parties or team-building events! ⭐ As you enter the haunted mansion, the door slams shut behind you, trapping you in its chilling embrace. You must find your friends and escape this haunted mansion before it's too late. This web-based escape with self-checking answers includes puzzle-solving challenges and clue-based exercises that are designed to help your team develop critical thinking skills, work collaboratively, and strengthen community. ⭐

 Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

(All of our escape rooms include hints that appear at regular intervals, and make it easier for students who need more help.)
Length: 90 minutes

 The Story:
⭐ As you step inside the haunted mansion, the door slams shut behind you, trapping you within its chilling embrace. The dimly lit foyer stretches before you, shrouded in an unsettling silence, punctuated only by the distant creak of floorboards and elusive whispers. Goosebumps rise on your skin, and your heart drums a frantic rhythm in your chest. Desperation courses through you as you call out for your friends, their absence met with an eerie silence. Driven by urgency, you resolve to forge ahead and locate them. Yet, the mansion's layout seems to warp and shift with every twist and turn, confounding your attempts to find a way out. ⭐

⭐ With nine challenging puzzles and a final puzzle determining whether you and your friends will escape this thrilling mansion in time. This interactive learning experience will surely keep your team engaged and entertained. ⭐ And because everything is played from one link, there's no need for a complicated setup or a Google form.⭐

As players work their way through the escape room, they must use their problem-solving skills to crack each puzzle together. And with instant feedback on each interactive clue, they'll know immediately if they're on the right track.

So if you're looking for a fun and engaging way to bring your team together and build valuable skills, The Haunting of Thrill house is a perfect choice. Download your escape today and see if you have what it takes to escape this haunted mansion in time!


⭐ Redemption code lasts a full month!
⭐ 9 Interactive, animated puzzles plus final lock
⭐ Play with one link; all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ No Google locks page, escape has self-checking answers!
⭐ Build a teamwork mentality in the classroom.
⭐ Build logic and reasoning skills.
⭐ 3 Hints and answers are embedded, and the answer key is included.


⭐PDF with the game link, instructions, answer key, and hints.
⭐PDF of notes page for printing if desired.


⭐ Play on ANY device, Chromebook, computer, or tablet
⭐ Best when played in teams, each team with their own device.
⭐ Game lasts approximately 75 minutes, depending on the age and number of people playing.
⭐ Best suited for ages 12- 100
⭐ No printing required!


You will download your purchase immediately in the form of a PDF document. The game link and redemption code will be sent via email. This game is for personal use only. 

⭐ A traditional virtual escape room!
⭐ Perfect for classroom team-building!

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As all digital escapes from this company this one is a magical resource that intensely engages Players. Watching them work on these escape adventures so excitedly is wonderful... Thank you SO much for creating them and making them available! - Sophie M.

Click Here for Test Escape
(Please check on student computers)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TERMS OF USE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You may use this escape room for classroom use and print and make copies of any downloadable resources as necessary for your class.

Created by Sabrina Wingren & Hilary Lewis for It's a Lock Escapes. 

  • This resource is for use in the classroom and/or personal use and may not be used in resources for commercial purposes. 
  • No digital redistribution is permitted. 
  • You may not share or upload any part of this resource or its elements for use on a commercial platform or print-on-demand website. 
  • Not intended for resale. 
  • Not intended for use with online teaching platforms such as Outschool, or for sharing online without prior permission or license.
  • Please contact us before using this resource with multiple classes or over an entire district for a licensing price.


Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final, and no refunds will be offered. However, if you encounter a problem with your download, please contact me, and I will work with you to resolve any issues!

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